ΔTLΔS Health and Fitness Representatives

Humberto Kauffmann


       I started weight lifting at the age of 17 with a desire to increase muscle mass and strength. I quickly became interested in the art of Bodybuilding and realized that it was much more than just lifting weights and that if I wanted to progress, the nutrition aspect needed to be solidified.

    A few years into the lifestyle I decided to do my first competition and although it didn't go as desired, it became clear that this takes time and patience. I persisted through the years and in 2016 I won my class at the MABBA Provincial Championship, obtaining the title of Mr. Mabitoba. A year later I switched to Classic Physique, obtaining the 2017 Provincial Overall Title as well.

    Throughout the years, my passion for Bodybuilding led me to become a Personal Trainer and share the knowledge I had acquired with others that wanted to improve their quality of life and set and reach goals, competitive or non-competitive!

Kateryna Zhbanova


    I'm originally from Ukraine and moved to Canada at the age of 12. I grew up doing ballroom dancing but I couldn't find a place nor a hobby that matched the level and discipline that I was accustomed to, until the day I got my first gym membership and started working out. I immediately fell in love with it.

    After a couple years I decided to take it more seriously and learned more about the nutrition aspect as I noticed I had low energy and felt lethargic most days. I realized what a difference it made to take my nutrition as serious as my training when I immediately felt energized and continued to see changes in my physique.

    In 2015 I took a step further and entered my first competition, placing 2nd in a class of 21. I have since then continued to set goals, obtaining two Provincial titles, a National title, and a Top 3 placing at the International level. I love this sport and the continuous pursuit of growth it entails which can be transfered to all aspects of life!